the green backyard

Food Forest


Today I started work on the food forest, digging a trench to keep the grass out.
 Digging out clay is a bitch.

Also, ‘Food Forest’ may be a slightly ambitious term at this stage as I only have 2 very small trees. Coffee and Curry Leaf.
 What else should I plant??

Author: Jo

I am a busy and excitable wife, mother of 4, university student, crafter, thrifter and wannabe gardener.

5 thoughts on “Food Forest

  1. I grow Tamarillos and love having them. I’ve also just planted a Pomegranate and am excited about its potential. Do you like Feijoas? If so I’d go for them. Personally I favour things that are difficult to find elsewhere.

  2. I reckon a finger lime – it’s a classic native understory plant , so perfect for under either of the other trees. Just beware of the spikes!

  3. A finger lime would be good. I had a look at them the other day, but was not feeling very rich so the $48 price tag put me off.

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