the green backyard

Getting there…


Well not really. It feels like as soon as one job is crossed off the list, five more appear. Anyway, in between thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday, Dave and I managed to get two big jobs finished.

The new chicken run and the preparation of the food forest for planting.

Dave was able to take off one side of the old chicken run, and squash it into a triangle shape to fit the new space. He is pretty clever like that.

So now they are down the back, well past the required 4.5m from any dwellings, and hopefully they can stay here with no further hassles from council.


The wood is recycled hardwood pallets from Dave’s work, the layer box is made from a compressor freight box, the screen door I bought on gumtree for $30 and the chicken wire cost me another $30 from Bunnings. I plan to spray the door the same colour as the laying box.


The girls are extremely happy in here. This is the spot where the compost heap used to be so there are worms and bugs galore. They love burrowing in under the laying box/roost, and this will be great summer shade (if the rain ever stops) and also protection from rain. There are plenty of happy noises coming from within.


Next was the food forest.

We decided not to dig out the grass as we would lose the small amount of topsoil that actually exists on top of the heavy clay. So we covered the grass in cardboard, then a thick layer of lucerne, followed by the contents of the compost bin and some other dirt. I did this in between downpours. Can you see our clay yard struggling with the rain?


I’m waiting till my mum arrives from Byron Bay this week before I plant anything, as we want to do it together.

Could there be anything more cool than planting a food forest with your 71 year old mum?

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Author: Jo

I am a busy and excitable wife, mother of 4, university student, crafter, thrifter and wannabe gardener.

2 thoughts on “Getting there…

  1. Enjoying watching the progress in your garden. Your mum will be thrilled to be sharing the planting with you. I’m not 72 yet but I enjoy when my daughter asks me to come and spend time with her, particularly in the garden.
    Glad you got the chook issue sorted.

  2. I’m glad the ladies are happy in their new home

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