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Snow Peas and My Aunty Sue


Watching these snow peas grow way beyond their trellis, and waiting for the day they just keel over reminds me of a trick my Aunty Sue used to play on her fellow train passengers.

Back in the (good??) old days when smoking was allowed on trains, she would secretly slip half a bobby pin deep into her cigarette and start puffing. As she smoked, the ash grew longer and longer (held together by the bobby pin) and fellow passengers would be on the edge of their seats, willing her to ash it, while waiting for it to fall, which of course it never did because of the bobby pin. Cheeky.

I am not sure how much longer the snow peas are going to hold…..

Do you have an Aunty Sue? Are you more diligent at staking snow peas than me? Do you have a trick you like to play on others?

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Author: Jo

I am a busy and excitable wife, mother of 4, university student, crafter, thrifter and wannabe gardener.

2 thoughts on “Snow Peas and My Aunty Sue

  1. Hehe -I think I’d like your Aunty Sue :)
    I have a family member who likes to use the word “pardon” as their password at the video rental store. The attendant asks for the password, and much confusion ensues.

  2. I too think I would liked your Aunty Sue. I know I like those snow peas very much – I have some runner beans that I didn’t give enough support to that did much the same thing before collapsing into a mess of green leaves and red flowers…should really sort them out……

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