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Orchard Update


Remember when the citrus orchard looked like this?


The pathetic looking trees?

The piles of clay?

The lack of flowering and fruiting?

Well today it looks like this!


There is fruit on the trees, both Citrus and Guavas. The companion herbs and flowers are flourishing; mostly Chives, Borage and Nasturtiums.

That Borage is amazing stuff. It brings the bees like nothing I have ever seen. When it gets too huge we pull it out, by which time it has self-seeded and more baby borage plants have started popping up.

There are also pumpkin, rockmelon and watermelon plants getting going, acting as living mulch in this hot NW Sydney summer we are having.

What a difference!


I won’t show you the less flattering parts of the garden right now.

The poorly staked tomatoes flip-flopping around everywhere, the capsicums rotting on the bush before we get a chance to eat them, and the scale creatures covering my chinese tallow tree.

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Author: Jo

I am a busy and excitable wife, mother of 4, university student, crafter, thrifter and wannabe gardener.

4 thoughts on “Orchard Update

  1. How satisfying that must be for you. Your garden looks so productive compared to the before picture.

  2. just keep your eyes on the positive bits. Hopefully this rain we’ve got in Sydney this week will keep your garden happy.

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